Milady’s Aptitude Test

The school requires that each student enrolling must provide proof of secondary education such as a High School Diploma, a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), an Official Transcript of Secondary School Completion, or have evidence of completion of Home Schooling that state law treats as a home or private school, if the state issues a credential for home schooling, maintain credential.

In the absence of the above documentation, the applicant must take and pass an approved ability – to – benefit test administered according to the test publisher’s guidelines by an approved Independent Test Administrator. A third party, which has no connection to this institution, provides all tests. The test we are currently using is the Milady ATB Test and the passing score is a minimum of 70%. Once the student passes the test, they will be admitted into ASM Beauty World Academy.

PART I – Rater’s Evaluation Recommendation

PART II – (40 points)
PART III – (60 points)

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Milady’s Aptitude Test

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