ASM Continuing Education Training was created to offer HIV/AIDS & Continuing Education courses to all licensees in the beauty industry.  ASM CET has more than 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, we have created the most easy to use website, content, tests and system especially for you. 

ASM CET comes from the beauty school ASM Beauty World Academy, Inc. which has presented the finest talent into the Beauty industry. We are one of Florida’s outstanding beauty academies. We want to thank our students, graduates, clients, salon owners and the many beauty industry professionals who have contributed to our success over the years. We stay committed to the highest quality bilingual training in south Florida today and for the future. 

At ASM Beauty World Academy we strive for excellence. You can look forward to an uplifting experience at ASM, where we combine a fresh innovative style with Learning Leaders who have a desire to share their knowledge.

We are special because we offer an extremely innovative education that is brought to our Future Professionals by our expert Learning Leaders. Our curriculum, developed from years of experience, enables our Future Professionals learn about human relations, professionalism, retailing, career development, salon operations and management, and all the necessary skills to successfully pass the Florida State Board Exam. We succeed in doing this through positive mentorship.


Leticia Milazzo

Leticia Ramirez Medina, born in Mexico City, obtained her bachelor's degree at the "Instituto Renacimiento" in Mexico City. When she graduated, she studied Tourism Business Administration. She moved to Miami on April 19, 1989 and married Mr. Sal V. Milazzo on December 28, 1992. Now she is Mrs. Leticia Milazzo and the owner and president of ASM Beauty World Academy, Inc. Ms. Milazzo knows that education is the key to success and therefore she has been working with high class, world champions stylists from Europe and from countries around the world. She has administered ASM Beauty World Academy since 1999. She dedicates all her effort and passion for the world of beauty to bring high level education to all those interested in this industry in the United States.

Sal V. Milazzo

Sal began his career in Sicily, Italy, where he studied hairdressing. After his studies, he arrived in the United States arriving in New York, by boat in the winter of 1964, and after several weeks in New York, he moved to Kansas City. In 1965, Mr. Milazzo opened his first salon, "L'Art Coiffure". In 1979, he moved to Florida and once here he realized that there was a need for a cosmetology school that could provide training and education to people interested in becoming successful cosmetologists. In 1987, Mr. Milazzo together with Ms. Tortora founded ASM Beauty World Academy, Inc. in the city of Hollywood, Florida. Its commitment is to provide education and training accessible to all students, but in particular to those who come from foreign countries. After thirty years, this commitment is as strong as the first day of opening the school.